A new beginning

In July 2014 we took a leap. We handed in our letters of deregistration to both the schools for Alana and Josh. It wasn’t a decision we took lightly, there was a lot of discussion, I read up quite a lot and we weren’t always all in agreement. However one thing we all agreed on was that, for now at least, this was the best route for our family.

There is no way of knowing how long our home ed journey will last, maybe we will get to January or maybe we will carry on indefinately. We are on a journey and we have no idea how long the road is or what twists, turns and steep inclines we may face along the way.

That’s why I have decided to keep this blog, for us and for anyone else who wants to follow us, to map out our journey as we go.


And so it begins, here we are, the 2nd of September and children venturing back to school. I wish them all well, I hope they enjoy their experience and make smooth transitions I really do. I see facebook updates from relieved parents who have spent small fortunes on back to school kits, who are now looking forward to the prospect of busy chaotic mornings followed promptly by quiet peaceful days. I see other updates from people sad that their fun summer days with their children are over, feeling lost in quiet houses. I am calm and relieved that I fit in to neither of those category’s.  It is nearly half past 10 and my children are still asleep. When they wake up we have a few things to do, but there is no rush, no shouting, no panic and if one of them can’t find one of their shoes, well just wear something else!

I should note, we had a good summer. We had lazy summer days, we played on the beach, we swam in the sea. Josh caught some crabs, he held a jellyfish, we made candles, jam, pate and picked wild plums. Alana and Josh both continued over the summer to build their maths and problem solving skills by completing challenges on khan academy and playing sudoku and various other online games. We learnt about rising thermals (when we went kite flying) and we learnt about proteolytic enzymes (we made jelly with fruit) We began our self set challenge as a family to learn Spanish and have looked a lot at the world wars, the occupation of the Channel Islands and discussed countries, climate and time zones.

We have some ideas and topics planned, we have trips out to kew gardens and to the Eden project planned for September and October and a plan to visit the Tower of London to see the poppies, so it seems logical that our topic for autumn would be plants. That after all gives us good opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and go blackberry picking and generally to enjoy the change of seasons.

I can’t share in advance what we plan to do, as one of the huge benefits of home educating is that we don’t have to plan. We can take each day as it comes and see how we feel. Some days we will all be more enthusiastic than others, some days one of the children may feel more motivated than the other and some days we will just all prefer to stay in pjs watching movies. We have no curriculum, no timetable and no worries.

Education is compulsory, school is optional.

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