Is Home Educating scary?

So much of this rings true with me. I had so many of these fears and questions, my husband, father and inlaws all also expressed such concerns and people who I speak to on nearly a daily basis continue to express these fears and worries about their own children and lives as well as asking about mine. It’s so good to find and be able to share a perspective so similar to my own that isn’t actually mine.

Ross Mountney's Notebook

Our first year home educating

When you think of home educating what’s your biggest fear? Because it’s usually fear that stops us going for something we’d like to do but which is a bit different from what everyone else is doing. And it’s often this time of year, when back-to-school looms nearer, that parents consider home schooling again.

The fears parents have are pretty much the same for everyone. We had them too. So did all the home schooling families we met. The same five things seem to come up again and again:

1)      You’re afraid you wouldn’t know what to do learning wise.

2)      You think you couldn’t teach them because kids need qualified teachers to learn anything.

3)      You worry your kids will have no friends and be isolated.

4)      You don’t know how you’d cope with the kids at home all the time.

5)      You worry about…

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