Other people’s views

I have been deeply saddened this week by attitudes and comments from others.
Not specifically about my choices, but their own. I have heard teachers commenting on how rubbish the curriculum is, I have heard secondary school teachers comment that they don’t know why primary school children are pressured to learn maths and handwriting in a certain way as once they go up into secondary school “no one gives a crap” …. I have heard parents complaining at how rubbish the school system is, how they have had to go into school to get shown how maths and handwriting is taught so as to be able to help with homework. Stories of bullying ongoing for a further academic year as the bullies in question have not managed to grow up or gain some boundaries over the long summer holidays. Head lice being rife as many parents continue to fail to treat their children, school uniform having cost a fortune in august is already damaged, stolen or lost by mid September. Yet when I mention that I am home educating my children I am met with responses such as “oh god no! My kids would do my head in if I had them all day” and “I love it when they are in school I get peace!” ….. forgive me if I am wrong, and I fully respect the whole your child your family your choice thing…. but if school is that awful then is it not quite a selfish thing to keep sending the children in just so you can have some peace? Personally I have found my children irritate me far less now that they are not stressed tired and grumpy from the pressures of school, and they are my children! Of course I love being around them! Actually if being around my own children did my head in that much then I would be concerned and would be taking a long hard look at my own parenting before shouting it out in public like it’s a fact to be proud of!
Don’t get me wrong, I have felt the pressure of raising the children, in past years I have reached the end of august and in my exasperated state of tiredness have commented on how I looked forward to them returning to school. But that was when they were happy at school! As soon as that changed I was all too happy to take them out.
And wow what a difference it had made!

Josh sits down and writes, he researches things on line and reading all of which are massive leaps of progress! He has been looking at food chains, habitats and adaptations this week which all sprung from an interest in anacondas!
Alana started her science double award igcse. She was nervous at first as she entered a session booked with a tutor and a group of other kids. She said it reminded her of school and I saw the anxiousness kick in. I reminded her that it wasn’t school, that everyone was there because they wanted to be and it was only for a few hours. When I collected her 2.5 hrs later she was smiling and enthusiastic. She actually really enjoyed it.

Both of them enjoyed stuffing and sewing their own black bears which was a bit of fun and a good introduction to sewing which we will do some more of.

The Spanish is going well with some phrases even going into Joshs head and he is still eager to keep learning more and I don’t even have to ask him to read to me any more. Where in the past it was a struggle to get him to read to me for school now he will sit on the sofa and read whole sections of non fiction books to me regarding whatever subject we are looking at.
For the record, we have discovered that Joshs love of animals spreads across nearly all “subjects”!! Geography, history, biology, English and even maths!

So why would I be worried about them not doing well at home when they are clearly doing so much better than at school? The whole idea that parents are not equipped to help their children learn is beyond me! I trust my abilities to do what’s best and prepare my children for life more than I trust some random who has chosen to be paid to take on the learning of 30 or so students.

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