The flow of interests

This week has shown up some mixed emotions in our house. As my big boy has turned 10 I think he has been painfully reminded of people who have been absent and he took the opportunity to explode at me and Ryan as we are the consistent present who ultimately he feels secure with. This should make his emotional outbursts easier to deal with. It doesn’t.
He became very angry unexpectedly over dinner this week. Complaining about how much time ryan spends at work and accused ryan of caring more about work than us. We discussed this with him to explain the cost of living, our reduction of income due to my maternity leave and that Ryan hasn’t been at work much more than usual. It became apparent that the issue is not that Ryan is spending more time at work but that Josh is aware of it more now. Previously Josh was at school until 3:30. He came home played got changed did homework etc and then ryan would he coming home. Our weekends were spent going out and doing things as a family unit and we had regular cinema trips. Now Josh is at home and we do lots of trips and activities while Ryan is at work. We still do things as a family at weekends but 3 weekends of overtime has resulted in Josh feeling lost and confused and missing this time. It’s normal I guess and just something else to be aware of. Another adjustment.
Ryan has taken Monday off work to accompany Josh to duxford imperial war museum where there is a workshop organised for home ed kids. It will be nice for Josh to have that 1 on 1 time.

We attended a session about educating 11+. This was very informative and was a great opportunity for ryan to meet some of the home ed community in our area, especially as he is often at work when events are going on. Alana is adamant that as well as studying for science she also wants to study for English and history. I love that she wants to learn and wants to study but I would hate to see her burn herself out. I am concerned that she will over do it and end up shutting off all together. As a compromise I will support her and get her the relevant material and will allow her to choose her own schedule for study.

Josh is continuing to place most of his focus on the animal Kingdom. He has been enjoying watching documentaries by David Attenborough such as life of mammals. Through this interest he is developing his reading, writing and research skills and increasing his knowledge of climate, habitats, geography and plant life. He will happily spend hours at a time looking up which animals live on a specific continent.

Though this week we did also look at energy as he built a solar powered robot. We were able to discuss solar energy and other natural sources of energy such as utilising wind and water. We talked about the wind turbines and then the power of water and steam which led us to talk about steam engines and trains…. The great thing about home ed is that we can follow interests where ever they take us.
Both Josh and Alana have expressed that when at school the teachers would decide “we are done with that subject now” or “let’s get back to the topic we were on”… There was no flow and no room for natural interest progression. They both enjoy being able to just talk about things, move around and see where we end up without the restrictions that school and curriculum place on them. After all, when having an adult conversation how often do our discussions progress, flow, change direction and even change complete subject? ….. and when was the last time any of us “adults” spent an hour talking, reading and listening to a subject that held no interest for us?

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