a summary of January

We have reached the end of January.  We have spent time learning about the human body looking at the brain, organs, muscles, skeleton, digestion, circulation and reproduction. We will be finishing off tomorrow with a gross science kit to make snot. A good fun family activity! (Apparently)

The children have decided that a topic a month is a good idea, and the topic for February will be the solar system. We have selected some themed movies to watch as a family in the evenings and we will be making a model solar system. We plan to cover star constellations, space travel, planets and the sun. They have already decided that earth will be our topic for march so it will follow on.

Josh has been enjoying his work on dinosaurs and evolution, we have looked at fossils, eggs and a time line of evolution. We have talked about paleontology and Josh has done some brilliant written work and research.  We plan to continue with this project for as long as Josh is happy too as there is so much to cover and he is fascinated by it.

Our Spanish is improving and we are all very pleased with our progress in this area. Work has included Spanish letter writing, Spanish cross words and vocabulary following online programs. We are planning a trip to Spain after the summer so our work will continue and spread to include some learning about spain.

Maths has been practised by fun together playing board games. At the moment this is the best way of working for us and the children are building and improving their mental maths abilities, and we get to do something fun as a family so it’s win win!

Our days are getting booked up with trips out and experiences. Josh tried his hand at skiing, he was really good and loved it! And Alana continues to study her science and gain valuable work experience volunteering at toddler group.

Alana has been told she would probably learn more at school. It saddens me that anyone who would claim to have half a clue what she was going through and how she was doing at school would suggest this. For starters her attendance was awful and secondly when she was there she was so miserable she wasn’t learning anything anyway. Aside from that anyone who knows her and cares for her can see how much happier and confident she is now, surely any concerns could be raised with me and I would actually be able to explain what she is doing, what she is learning and how well she is doing!? She is getting valuable and brilliant life experiences and she is learning by being hands on. Sure she has made the decision to work towards qualifications, she will be sitting her science exams just before her school class peers go into year 10. We have also put her name down for an art award which we are hoping to start in the next few months. She has learnt so much since not being in school and has come on in leaps and bounds, so has her brother. How can anyone suggest she would learn more by sitting cooped up in a classroom, miserable, bored and uninterested?

In response to such a crazy suggestion, I decided to once again part take in the 100 home ed days hashtag challenge  where I document every day. This demonstrates that learning isn’t always done 9-3 Monday to Friday. It is around us every day and presents in many different ways. I have done days 1 to 5 this week sharing on Facebook and will continue this.

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