keeping myself on track

A common concern that I have heard since we began our home ed journey was parents worrying that they weren’t doing enough. It is a concern that I think many parents share. That self doubt element is often a common part of parenting, shared between parents on whichever road they are on.

I see my children are happy, I see them learning about things that interest them and I see them progressing and their confidence growing. I look at our photos and our events diary and honestly don’t think we would have time to do much more. Yet there are times when that dreaded “so what have you done today” question comes up that I want to shrivel up. My insides screaming “oh no! What have we done!? The house is a mess the kids have watched tv and I am failing as a mother!”

Well today while sitting and chatting with a home ed mummy friend she showed me her trick, and it clicked into place how this could work for me.

She lists subjects and given each theme or topic her children want to learn she plans activities to fit into each subject category. That way in her book she can see that core subjects are still being covered while her children are happily learning what they want!

This is brilliant I thought. So when I returned home I jotted down what we had done during our human body topic in January and sure enough without even realising it I had covered all of the core subjects! And J was still complaining that he hated science history and geography without realising how much of it he had already covered! So sure enough I noted down plans for our solar system topic this month, and our earth topic next month and can see a pattern emerging. We are covering all the core subjects! This is fab! The kids don’t even realise it half the time!

It got me to thinking about the importance of learning. That’s something I think about every day but never so clearly. My son doesn’t HATE geography, or history or science. I don’t really believe that ANY child can HATE a subject. I think they hate how it has been introduced to them in school. The one size fits all package provided by their class teacher has not fitted them and it has put them off. It’s sad that a whole life long hatred of a subject can be formed in this manner.  I am happy and relieved that now we have recognised this we can work on it. 🙂

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