Spring classrooms

The time has flown! Our smallest will be turning 1 next week, and here we are 10 months into our home ed journey, still very much newbies in many ways but feeling at home, confident and calm (ish).

We got through the cold wet days of winter enjoying the fact that we didn’t have to leave the house, we didn’t have to crawl out if bed while it was still dark and I didn’t have to drag myself put in the rain for a school run. I didn’t have to collect a crying shivering child who had been forced to do PE on the field in the freezing temperatures in shorts and tshirt and I haven’t had to endure the stress previously felt by my daughter at the mention of tests and exams. So all is good.

What have we been doing? We spent the cold wet months doing some structured learning, we covered the human body, the solar system, planet earth and Spanish. We built friendships while Josh practised skiing and climbing and Alana gained work experience and studied science.

Now comes the sunny weather and while some activities will continue we get to enjoy the sunshine when it comes and choose our classroom to be wherever we would like. A few choice locations for classrooms this summer so far include : kayaking on the lake, Norfolk coast, legoland, whipsnade zoo, Aldenham country park, hemel snow centre, skate park, duxford iwm, Harry potter studio tour, Chessington,  hell fire caves, London zoo, London West End, fire station, woodland and other which I am sure I have forgotten at the moment.

We have lesson subjects planned including some bushcraft, fire cooking, preparing / butchering, air raids, world war 2, fire services and whatever other skills and knowledge that we aquire along the way.

Sure Spanish,  science, toddlers and skiing will continue on but we are not restricted to when we cover these, meaning that when, like this week, the kids are exhausted after a crazy busy day, I do not have to wake them from their sleep and drag them miserable and moody from their beds. I can wait, allow them to rise in their own time and be greeted with children who are smiling and eager to learn.

Josh has made some fantastic progress with controlling his temper, I have seen this first hand in the way that he handled a situation at Legoland which previously would have spoilt our whole day! He has actually been able to make and maintain some friendships and handle negative situations, he has been able to play outside with the neighbourhood kids! The change in his attitude has been huge! He has been described as “quite pleasant to be around” when this time last year I was getting told how horrible, unkind and immature he was!

Alana has a way to go still. The bullies knocked her confidence and she still gets down on herself.  It is hard work living with a teenage girl and there are lots of areas that need work. But she is exploring her interests, designing, drawing and practising in all areas. Her confidence is growing and she is smiling more.

We are thoroughly looking forward to the months ahead! 🙂

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