Learning as a family all the time.

Over the past couple of weeks as a family we have learnt some very valuable lessons. These haven’t come from books or documentaries but have been learnt the hard way through experience. The reason behind deregistering  the children and embarking on our home ed journey was highlighted and I think in the busyness and fun of summer trips and sunshine we had forgotten that it is all about happy children, learning at their own pace and being around people who make them smile. I took my children out of school so that they weren’t forced to read things that didn’t interest them or sit in a class room listening to something that bored them. I took them out of school so that they wouldn’t be forced to play nicely with children who are unkind to them or who make them feel uncomfortable or unworthy. I took them out of school so that I didn’t have to deal with fall outs and stress from parents who feel that my children are at fault for expressing their right to a choice in who they spend their time with.

It has taken some busy weeks with extreme highs and lows for my husband to sit me down at the end of yet another day that has resulted in tears and agitation, and say to me “this is not what it is all about is it? It is about happy and educated children.”

I took my daughter out of school with extreme social anxieties and depression. y son came out of school with aggressive and violent tendencies. Both children have done amazingly well both emotionally and academically since coming out of school so why would I begin to expose them to these same pressures, stress and upset in the world of home ed in the name of “socialisation?” Three words ; I THINK NOT!!

Still, it has been an important and valuable lesson in our journey and amazingly it is a lesson that we have learnt together. The children are as much a part in our decisions around activities and who we pass time with as I am, and they have been able to talk about these decisions openly, honestly and in a grown up and responsible manner which is evidence alone of how far they have come over the past 11 months.

The days out have been great, with some fantastic learning opportunities all round, and just as we are nearly at the summer holidays we are on wind down with just a few more outings planned, the children are well ready for a summer break of chilling out, hiding from the crowds and doing work books.

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