Autumn so far included beaches!

All is quiet. A is making lunch, J is watching netflix documentaries on his tablet and N is watching my little pony, I get writing.

I am thinking back to what October has held in store for us so far, it is hard to believe we are only half way through the month! A and J have started climbing lessons working on NICAS (national indoor climbing award scheme) they get an hour and half lesson twice a week. They are learning together which involves communication and team work as they climb and belay for each other.

N is approaching 17 months and is also doing so well! He doesnt say many words but he knows his body parts, knows what noises animals make and is very good at getting himself known and understood to get his needs and wants met. He is feeding himself with a fork or a spoon brilliantly and able to drink from a regular cup at the table. He has had great fun exploring beaches and testing his balance and co ordination in play areas.

The older two had their birthdays, so I now have a 14 year old and an 11 year old in the house, it seems strange to think how much they are growing, and i get complimented about them! People actually comment about their manners, knowledge and enthusiasm in a positive way when we are out. This always comes as a shock to me as I remember all to well the angry, distrustful, hurt and frustrated children who came out of school just 15 months ago!

J has enjoyed foraging for berries in the hedgerows with me, we made a hedgerow syrup using rosehips, blackberries, sloes, elderberries and crab apples all found in the areas surrounding our house. He was especially impressed when the high vitamin levels in rosehips was compared to the content of an orange on one of his documentaries.

We went away on a short break which was one of those breaks where we need a holiday to recover, it was busy. We went away on Saturday and returned home Tuesday night and managed to cover visits to Stonehenge, Tintagel castle, Illfracombe museum, The beach, Jurrassic tower, Weymouth sealife adventure park AND a circus as well as fitting in some swimming as a family. The kids did some brass rubbing and we all had a turn doing some spinning painting. So it certainly was eventful.

We returned and hit the ground running with a Wednesday trip to a museum with friends where we explored a war time garden, tried our hands at puff billiards, played with some musical instruments, toasted bread by a fire and looked at communication over the years. From fire and smoke signals to looking at telephone switch boards. It was especially fun trying to figure out which phone was ringing to answer it in a whole room full of telephones…. Though it did get pretty noisy!

The really great thing is being able to be led by how we feel and what the weather is doing. We had a fantastic start to the week and loved exploring beaches, collecting sea glass, looking for wildlife and getting wet! Today everyone seems tired, the children are chilled and all is quiet, which is fine too as the weather has turned and feels much colder.

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