Spring into Spring

February has passed, we are into March. Preparations for a new arrival are well under way with the realisation that actually the new addition to the family could very possibly arrive this month. I am trying to get some rest between the busy trips and schedule that comes with home education in the spring.

We have experienced days out to Duxford IWM, HMS Belfast and London sealife. We have made cakes, watched films and documentaries and continue to enjoy the Further back in time for dinner series. We discovered Africam.com which allowed us to view live webcams dotted around south African reserves and we enjoyed spotting Elephants, Wilderbeast, Crocodiles and Hippos. We have been having fun attending our social meets at adventure playgrounds and the older children have been attending a teen home ed group run by youth connexions where they completed AQA unit award in alcohol awareness. They also started climbing as part of the NICAS again.

Small has started looking at letters and numbers as he has began to show an interest in these. He also enjoyed mixing cake mix, helping to make pancake batter and playing with his kinetic sand. He is now completely out of nappies, no nappies for about 5 weeks now and is doing brilliantly, even managing to get through a whole day out in London with no accidents.

We celebrated pancake day / shrove Tuesday and did some research into why we eat pancakes and what shrove Tuesday is all about. It also led us to discover what determines when Easter is.

J continues to work on practising his drawing and A is working on several online courses including exploring cancer medicines, living with disabilities, Spanish and Shakespeare. So a wide variety! Both completed a 6 week photography course and enjoyed it so I have contacted another photographer and will be moving forward with more photography and further lessons in film, editing and photography. Both older children will also be taking a course of ice skating lessons starting this month. I look forward to watching their progress in these areas.



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