When a child finds their “thing”.

Yesterday we had the privilege of attended the first pony show of a very good friends daughter and her pony. We took the camera so that we were able to get photos of the event, allowing mum to just enjoy the precious experience with her daughter. It was lovely to see and I feel lucky to have been part of it.

As a home ed community we open our arms to each other, it hasn’t proven difficult at all for the children to form friendships and they are not restricted by age groups or gender, they mix and enjoy each other for who they are as people. We see our children build relationships and work through difficulties, and on occasion it really doesnt work and we are free to step back from certain individuals. But it isnt even all about the children, us parents have benefited from the friendships and support networks formed, support that doesnt just reach out in home ed situations but in all manner of difficult times also.

And so this is how I came to be present yesterday. It wasnt a “home ed” thing for my children, it was us showing support, one family to another. But isnt that just as important a life lesson, if not more so, that all the academic stuff? The meaning of being there for others, to make that effort to be there through the good, the bad and the scary? Being there just to do what you can to make the days easier for the people you care about. It seems like a pretty important lesson to me. To see a girl who you have watched grow in mind, body and confidence for the last nearly 3 yrs (and a lot can happen in 2+ yrs usually, but even more so when a child is allowed to thrive in their own way!) a girl who experiences pain every day due to physical disability and who suffers anxiety come out of herself. To see her smiling, and overcoming her nerves with confidence because she is in the ring doing what she loves with her best friend, the pony that her mum recognised the benefits of her having and those benefits far outweighed the costs involved. It was beautiful. What a journey they have been on. My friend said to me “its a learning experience, she may not enter anything, she will experience getting the pony out of the school, and being there.” Well that girl went on to win a fantastic 5 rosettes!

This is what happens when a child is allowed to find their thing, that happy place that makes their heart sing. Without time restrictions due to enforced mainstream school hours and the constant run around every day focusing on things in environments that made them miserable, they are allowed to flourish. Rest when needed, play when needed and work towards their goals.

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