A September poem

The first of September 

Autumn is here 

gone away are the summer days 

carefree and filled with cheer 

The shoes are all polished 

Lined up in the hall 

Ironed shirts and school ties 

on hangars on the wall

Hair has been cut

knots tamed and dirt removed 

Pe kits washed and packed 

and a fridge full of packed lunch food. 

For children all over

strict routine returns 

For they must comply and tow the line 

Because that is how a child learns.

Except thats not how it has to go

September the first is different for some 

because for a large group of children

learning is still fun.

September doesn’t mean the end of adventure 

for there are some children, wild, feral and free 

for these children in autumn the fun doesn’t end 

these children find wonder in all that they see.

Childhood is magical

it is over so soon,

it shouldn’t be all spent

inside a classroom.

A person is educated 

any time, way or place.

learning is forever, 

it isn’t a race. 

So let them be wild

they can be anything they choose

build joy, love and memories

you have nothing to lose. 

By Katie Gray 01/09/2017

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