He’s not going.

Is it “back to school” time? Is today the day that I could have chosen to dress up my little boy and send him off to nursery?

Shall I pause to imagine trying to wake him, get him up and dressed alongside the baby and his older siblings. Trying to tame his mad curls and get him into clothes pre chosen, and ironed. Breakfasted, washed and out of the door on time?

My view at 9:30 this morning?  both small boys sleeping on my bed.

My morning? I got up and had breakfast and a cup of tea with Ryan before he went off to work. I had a bath. Then N woke up and we came downstairs with the baby monitor. I managed to get some admin work done and sort out a stock discrepancy for work while he had some breakfast, then A got up. I did some laundry, sorted the animals and then M woke up. A decided to go fetch him for a nappy change. She played with him and made him giggle which put a big smile on her face.

I woke up J and then the older children got to work on their Mathswatch gcse program. Working on algebraic conventions and coordinates this morning, both children complementing the practise lessons and their first set home work tasks and scoring 100%.

N has played dinosaurs, and done some drawing. He has played with his siblings, fussed the dogs and looked at his books. He didnt even get dressed until 2pm! We enjoyed a chilled out lunch cooked by A. We got into the car and I dropped her off to see a home ed friend for a couple of hours while J got engrossed in one of the games on the pc.

J and I looked through news reports and maps to show what is going on in America, he was shocked to see the wildfires and the hurricanes. To see such immense flooding on one side of the country compared to see the huge flames engulfing the other side took his breath away. It posed the question “what can we do to help?” and a decision to research and send money to fundraisers to help. It sparked conversation that involved N as well regarding weather, and water and the spreading of fire, at the same time as highlighting the geographical differences from across country and between us and them.

Its now gone 4pm, and our day is far from over, I have dinner to prepare and we have a documentary to watch on iplayer as part of the gsce history studies. But we have had no stress, no rush. No arguments. My 3 year old is as wild and free as ever and his spark of curiosity and his ability to pick up parts of what his teen siblings are doing amazes me.

Do I worry that he will miss out? on what? learning? No, he has been learning since he was born. He has learnt to eat, to walk, to talk. He has learnt to use the play gym equipment by copying older children, he has learnt to recognise colours and numbers and to start to recognise letters. He knows his animals and dinosaurs. He is always learning, I dont expect that will stop.  Friends? why would he miss out on friends? He has friends, some go to school or nursery and others do not, but he mixes with children of all ages very happily, his confidence is through the roof and his social skills are superb. Maybe I should be worried that he will be clingy? well Im not, because he isnt. He is secure, happy and confident. He knows I am always there when he needs me, he knows I am there to cuddle and kiss him if he gets hurt and so he is happy and safe to explore the world. Shall I worry that he will miss out on experiences? I half dont even want to answer that one. Read the blog, see what he experiences all of the time. No, that is not something that even begins to worry me.

Tomorrow we will be back to our home ed adventure playground meet, it has been a long summer away from there and we are all looking forward to that social routine commencing and being with friends old and new. So the children are excited to be getting back to routine and seeing their friends, just like the children who are going back to school this week. Its just a different environment. And if any of them really want to put on a smart uniform and pose by the door so that they arent “missing out”, then they will be allowed to do just that.

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