New house.

Ive been very quiet on here so wanted to come and jump on with an update of what we have been getting up to.

Its all been very busy, we finally moved house. We have been in here for a whole month now which is kind of shocking. We have moved out of the town that my husband and I grew up around, away from family and friends and all things familiar to have a new adventure. We are now 45 minutes drive away, and its fine. We are back seeing everyone for other commitments a couple of times a week but we have our own space which has been lovely.

We have a large garden, and a play room and space to relax, a separate office space and an open fire place. We have put our christmas decorations up and have been able to buy lights and decorations for out the front of the house as well which the children have always wanted.

Its been big changes, from packing and unpacking, the children (and I) have been mastering cooking on gas. We have been feeding the birds and enjoy being able to watch them all as in the old house we rarely saw anything other than urban pidgeons.  J is looking forward to his spring learning project being much more hands on as we have given him the job of planning and landscaping the pond area of the back garden (currently a large hole filled with plant life where the former pond once was, nearly the whole width of the garden, allowing for a 2 ft pathway, and over 3ft deep!) to allow for wildlife but to also make it usable and enjoyable for us, and safe for the small people I guess. He has been wanting a wildlife area and a pond for years and now he is able to have it.

J has been attending his science class which this term focused on space, he has continued to attend his lego club as well. Both children have been continuing with the youth connexions home ed group where they have been in the recording studio making a cd for the past few weeks. They have been learning to use the studio equipment, play instruments, record individual parts and mix them all together. They have loved doing this and in the new year plan to do some more AQA unit award study followed by some time in the media studio learning film / photo editing and green screen work. So I am watching that space eagerly.

A was awarded a young peoples award at county hall. She was among 50 young people from across the whole county (aged 13-19) who achieved this recognition for progress and achievements with youth connexions. We attended a buffet reception and award ceremony with her where she had her photo taken and was gifted her certificate and a photo frame.

Other than regular sessions and a small amount of online work and carefully selected tv viewing, we have not been focusing on formal work so much, a lot of books and stationary were packed up and we have had a lot to organise to prepare for Christmas. Then in January A goes off on her 4 week adventure to Australia with her uncle.

Everything else is beginning to wind down for Christmas and we feel like our adventures are only beginning.

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