Building Our Support: Why Us Parents Should Socialize With Each Other As Well.

What to do when things can’t go quite to plan? We have always been quite an active, out and about family. Very rarely at home and always pretty busy. I had so many plans for February! So what happened?

Well it started well. We visited the Marvel avengers station to learn a bit more about our favourite heros and their abilities. At our adventure playground we did colouring Chinese new year wheels, and we had a great day in London for the Chinese new year celebrations.

Then I fell and broke my ankle. So no driving for 6 weeks. Suddenly we are potentially cooped up inside a lot more than usual. It has shown in the 4 year old who is like a puppy and needs to be able to have a chance to run and burn off energy. The family has been at loggerheads as the teenagers try to help and worry about me, they have argued amongst themselves each feeling that they are doing more than the other. I have struggled with my belief that they are not adults and shouldn’t have adult responsibilities, that yes they have been helping but it is surely down to the other adult in the household to pick up the slack, something he hasn’t been happy about upon returning home from work. So there has been tension.

We are now entering into week 2. And I think we are getting somewhere. I am more mobile now, the pain has eased and I am more confident on my crutches. The teenagers have worked things out and we have been able to get the little ones out most days even if it’s just a trip to the local park with their older siblings. The grandparents have been up to help and we have had friends gather round to ensure that the teens don’t miss out on their regular activities. Of course the girls starting at the learning centre had to be put on hold for a few weeks, but they will get there.

Reading eggs, maths seeds, maths watch, arts award, biology, STEM, have continued as normal with help from friends for the latter two. As will youth Connexions when they return after the half term break and the adventure playground, because friends and family have gathered around to help. We really are blessed to have such a brilliant home ed support network of friends.

I have always recommended those new to home ed to focus on the social meets, the sitting and chatting to other parents, building that circle. Home ed can be lovely, and also lonely. Of course our priority is our children’s education but I think it is very easy for that to become our sole focus, We forget to take time for ourselves. We spend our time from one interest to another, looking at subjects that our children are interested in is a wonderful freedom of home ed. But what about when you want a bit of company? When you need some advice or some help? Some practical support down the line?

When taking the time to deschool, look after yourself as well. Us parents are OUR children’s greatest advocates, their teachers, mentors and facilitators. But we are human. And it is truly a wonderful thing to have your home ed circle so that you are never really completely alone.

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