Year Round Learning: To Do Terms or To Not Do Terms? That is the Question.

Home education is great because you can completely tailor it to the needs of your family and your children’s interests. The law requires that children be given a full time education to suit their age and aptitude but doesn’t give much specification on what that looks like, though it is broadly acknowledged in home education that every day life has educational value so children are potentially learning all the time.

So the question gets asked a lot, do you continue to home school in the holidays? Firstly, let me say once again, I do not Home school. We home educate and it looks nothing like school. It couldn’t be further from school. And regarding holidays, well, it’s no different.

There are so many approaches to home education, and term times and holidays are no exception, every family will have their own way of doing things and what worked one year may not be the way they do it the next. For us, a lot of regular sessions and events stop. We don’t have our adventure playground meet ups, biology, youth connexions and swimming classes break, but as a home ed family we carry on.

You see, all Year round we do what we need to do. If an interest is sparked then we don’t need to wait until a time table or curriculum tells us that we can follow that interest and find out more. We go with it. We don’t have to wait until the government tells us it’s ok to go on holiday, so we book and we go when we want (and it’s cheaper and quieter as a bonus) When we are tired we rest, spend a day at home chilling out. When the sun shines we head out and enjoy it. School term times are no different. A fab time to catch up with friends and have adventures with people who are usually not available, equally, most of our favourite places become far too busy to really enjoy. Finding that balance is crucial to our peace.

So through the holidays you will see us out, exploring, playing and learning with friends. Behind closed doors book work and coursework will still be getting done, documentaries will still be getting watched and targets will still be getting achieved. In September we will see some of our best friends return to school, and our groups will start up again. Yet we will Take our time out with a road trip. There will be beaches, swimming, hiking and theme parks, and there will also be geography, history, geology, map reading, museums, nature and all manner of other experiences along the way.

Because, for us,learning can’t be split into “terms”. It isn’t a Monday to Friday 9-3 adventure only. Learning is a constant, lifelong adventure. We have a spark of interest, to always gain more knowledge, experience new things and explore new places. And right there, at the centre of it all, is our family, our needs and our desires. No government issue break times, no time off from learning for life to happen, no scheduled time for the children to be free and act their ages. This is life. They are wild and free and rested and learning and living in the absolute real world. 52 weeks a year.

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