I am breastfeeding Nick. I breastfed Alana and Josh as well. Alana for 9 weeks, Josh for 10 months and plan to feed Nick for as long as we want to. I have noticed the huge change in the amount of support between when Alana and Josh were small compared to now. I was all prepared and new how to deal with Nicks 6 week growth spurt. I was supported through his time in hospital with CDH to express every 4 hours to maintain my supply. I was advised about the benefits of oats, lactation cookies and the importance of keeping hydrated.

Unfortunately I have also been made so much more aware of the problems that other breastfeeding mums face. The complaints, the judgements and the humiliation of being asked to stop feeding or leave a premises despite breastfeeding being legally protected.

The knowledge of these facts made me want to write and note my breastfeeding journey with Nick. For my own memories and also incase my thoughts and experiences may be of help to someone else.

I regret not having pictures of my breastfeeding journey with Alana and Josh. It just wasn’t something that came up back then, perhaps because while I fed them I was not confident enough to make a point of nursing in public. I plan to document my experience with Nick fully.

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