This is us.


Welcome to my blog. Here i will write about our adventures as a home educating family.

We have 4 children. Alana (oct 2001) Josh (oct 2004) Nick (2014) and Michael (2017)

We began home educating in 2014 following several extreme failings by schools and actual physical assaults. We decided that bullying was such a huge issue nationwide that there was not much to be gained by moving schools. Though we originally agreed on a 6 month trial planning to focus on emotional wellbeing and then apply for different schools for a January start, we fell in love as a whole family with the more relaxed lifestyle.

We have tried several approaches over the years. Currently we are settled into a very relaxed, unschooling approach and Nick is thriving with it. It has been fascinating and enjoyable following his interests and seeing where it leads us. add another page.

2 thoughts on “This is us.

  1. Really enjoyed reading some of these posts, would love you to review our documentaries on Alternative and Home schooling!
    Could this be arranged? 🙂 Gwen


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